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Register here to be adjudicated for the Miami Valley High School Theatre Awards.

Register here to be adjudicated for the Miami Valley High School Theatre Awards. Please complete as much of the registration form as possible. If you don’t know what productions you’ll be presenting, just enter the dates of the productions. Please make sure you read and understand all the information on the Directors page before submitting this registration form.

  • Productions To Be Adjudicated:

    Please provide any information here that you can. This will determine the adjudication/viewing schedule for the year. If you expect to have a production but have not yet confirmed all of the details, don’t worry! Just list as much of the information you know and we will remind you we need the details eight (8) weeks before the show. If your title is unknown, please use “TBD Musical” or “TBD Play” and fill in the dates and times of the shows. If times are unknown, use the closest time approximations as you can. We are unable to complete any submitted school registration without the dates and times of all registered productions. The cost to participate is $100 per school. This fee gives each school the opportunity to nominate two (2) productions of either a play and/or musical. This fee helps cover the cost of the MVHSTA Showcase and the awards themselves. If you would like to nominate an additional play or musical, an additional fee of $50 per show will be assessed. If a school only wants to nominate one (1) play or only one (1) musical, the fee is still $100.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please email