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Join Us In Rewarding Excellence

Nominated productions of plays and musicals will be adjudicated by a group of trained, experienced community members. The group of adjudicators will complete a mandatory training and adjudicate each production on its own merits.

Become An Adjudicator

Adjudicators will be responsible for evaluating how each production of a play or musical is meeting or exceeding its potential. Each production is evaluated against itself for consideration, rather than against all other school productions, thus encouraging schools to create the best possible work for their unique circumstances and environment.

A committee of MVHSTA representatives will select a group of community members with backgrounds in music, theatre, dance, design, and related fields to serve as adjudicators for the MVHSTAs. The number of adjudicators chosen will be based on the number of shows submitted for adjudication as well as the qualifications of the adjudicator applicants.

Once selected as an adjudicator, you will be required to attend a training session, as well as commit to being impartial and objective to each production. Scores will be submitted securely and electronically to MVHSTA within 72 hours after attending a nominated production.

Adjudicator Handbook

For complete details about becoming adjudication responsibilities, please review the Adjudicator Handbook.

If you are interested in becoming an adjudicator contact, send us an email at

Photos: 2023 MVHSTA Showcase photos courtesy Tom Gilliam, Contributing Photographer,